Business Opportunities in O’Fallon, Missouri


O’Fallon, Missouri is a wonderful city that’s just a short drive from St. Louis. With a population of over 80,000 people, O’Fallon is a bustling city full of opportunity!

The residents of O’Fallon are busy, hard-working adults looking for better ways of living. Health food stores are desperately needed here. There are the usual stores, including GNC, but O’Fallon residents are tired of the same old chain stores. They are looking to get healthy and fit, but they also want to be more than just a numbered customer that the big businesses treat them as.

They love good, small businesses, as a B rating for small business friendliness demonstrates. These residents are friendly and expect the same from their local businesses. They are so friendly, in fact, in 2006, Money Magazine named O’Fallon #39 out of the 100 best places to live in the entire United States of America! With a medium income of $78,634 the consumer is able to afford the healthy lifestyle, and just need a business to help their journey along. As Americans’ waistlines expand, health care costs rise, and the questioning of genetically modified foods continues, the opening of a health food store has vast potential in this market.

Considering the increasing concern over health, countless people are looking for ways to increase their energy, improve their sleep, lose weight, etc. Most research shows that the easiest way to better these things is partly through a good, healthy diet. By opening a health food store in O’Fallon, Missouri you will not only be helping people, but also enjoying watching your own business grow. The residents of O’Fallon are loyal consumers and are just waiting for a new friendly face to move a healthy business into town. Taking all of this into consideration, you could be looking at $141,173 in yearly earnings!

On you can see a detailed report on the health food store small business opportunity in O’Fallon: Are you ready to succeed?

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