Healthy Startup Competition – Hitmap and LaunchScore

healthy startup competition

Hitmap is a new startup I heard about recently that is trying to raise capital in Silicon Valley. They claim to offer what I see are similar features as our own website LaunchScore, with several key differences, but they offer us healthy startup competition

Mainly, they offer location data along with commercial real estate property information, so users can essentially estimate expenses and revenues by buying or leasing any property that is currently available. Pretty neat!

This combines two processes into one. First, you need to know about the space (dimensions, costs, etc.), second you need to know about the location (street traffic, nearby demographics, etc.). Seems killing two birds with one stone will save time and money.

I got to try their tool before they put up a “request demo” wall, and found it the be very interesting. From a data perspective, I envision that their biggest challenge will be to gain access to a continually updated dataset of commercial property listings. This means partnering with a big real-estate firm, or engaging in a mother-load of daily data scraping.

Anyway, kudos to them for taking on this new and interesting space. I hope they raise the capital they need because that will help validate the space for others, like us!

Whenever new products, ideas, or services are being developed using new technology, there is much work to do to educate customers and other stakeholders. Big data startups like Hitmap and LaunchScore are not well established in the market. Most customers don’t know we exist, so they don’t know they can search for us. This makes it a hard job for new startups to get the message out.

It’s not just about introducing ourselves as a new player in the industry, it’s about developing consciousness about the industry. This is a tall order and we need all the help we can get! Healthy startup competition is one way to get the information out there.