Microbrewery Opportunities in the Washington DC Area

Microbrewery business plan

Before writing a microbrewery business plan, you need to ensure you’re looking at the right location. According to our data, the Washington, DC area is a prime location for this type of business.

In between the two states of Maryland and Virginia, this area is prime real estate to start a microbrewery. 

You can see for yourself there is need for microbreweries in the Washington, DC area by viewing these search results to check the opportunities in your city.

With a positive net cash flow projected within the first five years, this is a great opportunity. DC is accustomed to hosting politicians, world leaders, and tourists from around the globe. You will always have a steady stream of customers wanting to experience DC’s local craft beers.

Big companies like Budweiser and Coors have been losing business to the microbreweries. Being a microbrewery gives sellers the advantage of selling beer directly to the customer or to local restaurants. Companies like Flying Dog and Dogfish Head see sustained success using this model, and have huge followings all along the east coast.

DC Area is Ideal for Future Expansion

With the amount of people visiting DC you could easily get market recognition that spreads quickly. While growing your sales and reputation, your microbrewery would be in the perfect area to expand on the east coast.

A microbrewery can grow quickly in Virginia, DC, and Maryland through word of mouth and beer festivals. Being in DC would also allow for easy expansion into West Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. In DC and these five states, a business of this type could easily prosper and see huge revenues with the right product.


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