Small Business Subsidies Benefit Big Business

Small Business Subsidies

New entrepreneurs sometimes need some help from local government programs. Programs like small business subsidies are valuable because they get new businesses going and help them grow. But are they truly benefitting from these programs?

I came across an article recently that says US states are stiffing America’s small businesses. It suggests that most of these small business subsidies and incentives provided by local governments aren’t going to the intended targets. Rather bigger businesses that are already established in the marketplace are actually the ones benefitting. As a result, new businesses are missing out.

This is most likely because these businesses are more aware of these incentives and have the experience needed to successfully apply for and receive them. Their experience in the game gives them a huge advantage over the rookie entrepreneurs in the business world.

To be clear, I am not saying these big businesses are not entitled to these incentives. They are, as most government programs are open to all comers. What I and this article are saying, is that they were created with new entrepreneurs and small businesses in mind, but research shows they are not benefitting as intended.

So What Can Entrepreneurs Do to Get Small Business Subsidies?

This begs the question: what can be done to ensure that new entrepreneurs take full advantage of the government programs and small business subsidies that were intended for them?

Well knowledge is power, and now you are aware that such programs exist. You just need to find out what programs are available in your specific US state and city.

So perhaps small business entrepreneurs like yourself should contact their local SBDC more often. Call them to ask about the available programs for new businesses. These government agencies are there to help entrepreneurs like you.

If you have any more ideas, please share. Especially if you’ve benefitted from these programs. You have the game experience I am talking about, and your thoughts and suggestions are welcome!